Using Social Media for Real Estate Marketing (Without Spending A Ton Of Time)


Interviewer: I have with me Andrew Jenkins, Founder and Principal of Volterra Consulting, who is focused on emerging technology. Andrew was formerly head of social media for RBC, one of the country’s largest banks. Andrew, welcome.

Andrew: Thank you.

Interviewer: Andrew, off the top, I wanted to ask you about some of the advantages of using social media for real estate.

Andrew: Well, given the, I’ll call it the different sources that people are being inundated with in terms of information, and people’s attention span is getting shorter, they’re looking for more engaging content. I mean, that’s what’s resonating with them and real estate is well aligned with that, or the content related to real estate is conducive to those changing circumstances.

People want to see pictures of not only the house that they’re considering, but the interiors and so on. They want to see themselves in that space but as well, they want to be well informed about mortgage rates and equity and debt ratios and those sorts of things and that’s not always the sexy part of it, but still fundamental information that they need to know.

If, as a realtor, I can engage them with some visual content about listings, the local neighborhood where the listing might be situated, but then also give them informative information to make their buying decision easier. Make them feel more comfortable with it, and that’s all stuff that can happen in social, then you’ve done them a good service.

Interviewer: Now buying a home is arguably one of the most important purchases in a person’s life, and most people don’t really buy a home on a whim, so what are some of the strategies agents can take to engage potential clients, long-term?


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