Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night trying to remember if you completed a certain item on one of your deals that was closing the next day? Have you heard horror stories from other agents about deals that didn’t close because someone forgot to do one thing? Can you imagine the frustration felt by the clients as well as the other parties?

This was the reality of one of the agents we talked to in exactly this situation and I can tell you it didn’t sound like much fun.

Now imagine instead of running around trying to remember where you put the list of items that need to be completed on your deals, you could just pick up your smartphone and see the reminders that have come in overnight gently reminding you to check specifically which deal and what items are coming due? Or being able to add a list of all the items that need to get completed on your latest listing in less than 60 seconds?

This isn’t just something that’s only available to the “Top 1%” with their support staff and high-ticket systems. Its something that you can have for less than the cost of a latte a day.

I will be honest with you. I never knew that there were such huge challenges for real estate professionals. Living in the big city, I saw the “For Sale” signs all around and just thought that it was as easy as putting up a sign and the clients would roll in.

But when I started talking to all types of agents, I really realized that there was way more to it than that.

Getting clients, handling the deals, negotiating, doing the paperwork – and then doing it all again for the next client was a real eye opener for me. And what I heard when I talked to them followed a similar theme. “Man, I am so busy, I hardly have time to do anything else. Its really tough to find time to grow my business.”

But what really sounded frustrating was the amount of time people were spending on their paperwork. Some kept track of the items on an excel spread sheet. Some did it by entering each thing as a calendar item on their BlackBerry. Others used sticky notes on their monitors. The problem with each of these is that every time they get a new deal they have to repeat the process all over again. And most of these don’t allow you to see when the items are due. Unless they checked them regularly tasks might get missed altogether and they would have no way of knowing until the deal didn’t close. You can imagine what that would feel like…

So I talked to more agents and I found that most of them thought it was a necessary evil (evil being the key word) that was costing them hours a week but that they couldn’t do anything about. But from my experience in product development and software, I knew that there had to be an answer that could take away those midnight fears and give people back those precious hours that they could spend on things that mattered.

Like spending more time effectively marketing and getting new leads for their business. Or a few more hours with the family. Or keeping in contact with previous clients to build a referral pipeline. We all know that life is short and that there are only 24 hours in a day. Why spend any more time worrying about paperwork?

So after spending dozens of hours talking to agents of all types, I wanted to do something. I put together a concept and gave it to a few tough customers to use. And you know what they said? They said “This is really cool.” And “PaperZoom is a game-changer for real estate paperwork.”

But don’t take their word for it. Try it out risk-free for 14 days. There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime. And we have a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with it we will refund your money plus the cost of a latte.

Because we want you to be totally focused on growing your business and managing your clients – not wasting valuable time and energy managing your real estate paperwork.


Our Latte Guarantee:

Our 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with it we will refund your money plus the cost of a latte.

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